Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Paul Hares - Shades

Pretty much everything coming out on Rotifer gets a significant amount of my attention. You may recall the last Paul Hares tape which I considered "head expanding beat work" (sheesh). The latest, Shades, feels like all the incredibly freaked out medolic backing glitch from the last beat tape got cut up and mixed in with some mid 90's em:t tracks. Raw overwhelming low end rumble, vague vocal samples. Organic, warbled, cavernous, cinematic, and incredibly cool. Beatwork without the beats? Or is that ambience with way too much soul? I just kept turning up the volume to get the goodness deeper into my brain, and absolutely never got too loud, it just got better. Feels like I could play this for someone who doesn't "get" tapes, and they would immediately get tapes. Sounds like 4 AM slowed down, reversed, and alive for the first time.

Edition of 100, full color double sided inserts, mini liner notes. How this can still be grabbed direct from the label is beyond me, but it can.

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