Sunday, April 28, 2013

Paul Hares - Blurred

Warped, wicked, head expanding beat work from Paul Hares, with Blurred on Rotifer Cassettes. Thick, glassy beds of ambience that breathe in, and out with each pulsating thump. Slightly off kilter, enough to make you think, but locked just tight enough into each groove to get your head going in full nod. Eighteen tracks over an expansive c56 that run the spectrum from zoned out and spacey to crispy and ragged. I had an absolute blast getting caught up in the twists and turns. Hares doesn't sit still for a second, throwing out changes in mood, pace, and production on every single track, fostering a wonderful sense of surprise and discovery. Need more like this one please.

Doubled sided jcard, (maybe intended to be reversible?), hand numbered miniature liner notes, edtion of 100. Grab direct from Rotifer along with the rest of what's left of an incredible new batch.

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