Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Arabian Blade - Perpetuate Myself

Foreboding gloom and distortion from Arabian Blade, with Perpetuate Myself, on Elm Recordings. Synth patches that grind and seethe, like the gnashing of a mouthful of worn down teeth. Waves of cyclical guttural bass crackle and twist, almost completely obscuring some degree of found sound or field recording (who could tell?) At times, rhythmic and near ambient, at others widow rattlingly intense. The later half of the flip side completely dominated my Mirage BPS100. Compared to the lot of typical noise recordings, the progression in this tape is damn near Shakespearean. The artist(s) continually transform the sound, introducing new textures, further developing the narrative such as it is. If you're looking for a cerebral noise tape, this is it. The right way to make loud sounds.

Fold out jcard, hand numbered edition of 100. Grab direct from Elm .

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