Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Villages - Sun Control

I'm going to keep posting these tapes by Villages until they start selling out as quickly as they should. Sun Control, the latest on Sacred Phrases, is an exceptional piece of uplifting ambient bliss. Massive sonic expanses that just go for miles. The whole thing feels like traveling at the speed of light, and watching the world become a singular stretched out, vivid, beautiful blur. Actually the warm, inviting atmosphere here is an enjoyable juxtaposition against the icy minimalism of last year's Music For Savage Flowers on Headway. Each element feels soft and distant, floating out of reach, but still perfectly accessible. For me, ambient music is about proper selection of mix and timbre, and from there, everything else either works or doesn't. Everything here works.

Pro dubbed and printed edition of 100 with liner note insert card. Dial up the physical copy direct from Sacred Phrases.

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