Sunday, February 17, 2013

Villages - Music For Savage Flowers

A journey through grey, ghostly tones from Villages, with Music For Savage Flowers on Headway Recordings. Lots of wobbly raw piano floating on top of cold, windswept ambience. Distant and indiscernible field recordings. Ross Gentry's Villages project always does a wonderful job of transporting me, giving me the feeling I'm exploring, and that's exactly what he continues to do here. Through the eight tracks, simply enough titled one through eight, you don't just listen, or hear, but travel through each movement. Much cooler, and more icy feeling than the preceding works on Bathetic and Harvest. This one feels as much to me like a storybook as it does a tape. Exactly what I'm looking for from modern ambient minimalist composition.

Limited to a scant fifty copies, how is this not already sold out. Stream in full at Bandcamp, purchase at Headway.

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