Monday, February 25, 2013

Alan Gesso - Obliscence

I had an extremely hard time picking the words to describe Obliscence from Alan Gesso on Field Studies. Not because there isn’t anything to say, but because you could, literally, say anything. Gesso pulls from nearly every stylistic touchstone in electronic music, and does so with confidence and finesse. From bits of field recording, to pulsating sequenced melody, to raw texture, and then spacey ominous tones. Through nine tracks, nearly every conceivable genre is explored, occasionally within the same track. A typically diverse moment, the opener, People In The Stereo plays with spins of the FM dial, and is then counterbalanced by washes of ambient texture in the second, Another Heaven. Sounds like exploring the solar system as much as it does pressing play.

Edition of 100, grabbed mine, along with the rest of the new batch, directly from Field Studies.

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