Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thoughts On Air / Fallen Axe / Knit Prism / Trailing - Split

Heads up on another absolutely bananas multi-artist split. In addition to last years Air Rings Vol.3 on Digitalis, and the recent Taxidermy of Unicorns on Watery Starve, we've now got a killer four way split of guitar work from Fadeaway Tapes. This one features the talents of Thoughts On Air, Fallen Axe, Knit Prism, and one half of the Fadeaway team, Trailing. I won't go deep into describing each quarter of the split, they've been kind enough to upload a clip of each. What I will say is that all four sides sound damn pretty. Some go with a bit straighter take on experimental guitar/ambience, some maybe a little more wavy, but it all sound right at home together. For me the best guitar work walks a boundary where you can't quite tell what is, and what isn't, attributable to the vibration of a string. Almost all of this release sounds like that. A glistening shimmer of ambience with something like guitar nestled right at the heart of it. I love splits, so here's hoping this trend continues well into the future.

Nicely presented edition of just fifty. Blue shells, no labels, double tall white case. Grab direct from Fadeaway.

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