Sunday, February 17, 2013

Various Artists - Taxidermy of Unicorns

Not so much a V/A release, or a compilation, as a single thematically consistent collaboration, separated into compartments. Taxidermy of Unicorns from Watery Starve Press is a double split release combining four of the brightest female voices in the experimental art scene today. Birds of passage (Alicia Merz), Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier (Felecia Atkinson), Motion Sickness of Time Travel (Rachel Evans) and Aloonaluna (Watery Starve's Lynn Fister) each bring their respective vision to bear on what becomes an expansive, and nicely cohesive, vision of forward looking experimental folk. While each half of tape works nicely with the others, there's ample space for each artist to weave their signature sounds. I like great art no matter who makes it, but I'll readily admit, it's fun to see these women staking out their turf.

Edition of 200. A whole lot going on here for sure. Double cs in tall case wrapped in yarn with a leaf. Included with purchase an oversized booklet style set of notes and art. Included in the innermost pages, an original collage from Lynn Fister. Grab directly from Watery Starve.

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