Monday, February 11, 2013

The Big Ship - Split

Split release, literally titled Split, from the collaborative force of Doug Kaplan and Aeron Small. Mixed guitar and electronics, falling squarely on the transportive and meditative side of drone. As with the previously reviewed release on Hausu Mountain from Goodwill Smith, these are drones from a placid, astral realm. Heady contemplative melodics that soothe and calm the ear. Side A, The Suboceanic Mantle from Kaplan is the heavier of the two pieces, pairing rich looping bass and electronics. The flip from Small is a dream state counterbalence to the heft of the front side. Delicate looping guitar drenched in lush shimmering reverb. A well balenced split, like two sides of a single coin. Play, flip, repeat until sufficiently comatose.

Pro imprinted edition of 100 on white shells, available directly from Hausu Mountain.

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