Thursday, February 7, 2013

Greyghost - Memoirs of Dementia

Subtle, spiritual journeys from Greyghost, with Memoirs of Dementia on Constellation Tatsu. Hazy, astral, emotionally poignant compositions. The lead track Purple Dye #5, is an exceptional, restrained piece of moving ambience. A cyclical repetition of melody with deftly constructed interlaced variety. What I find most enjoyable here is the confidence of the artist to create beautiful and relatively simplistic atmospheres, and have the conviction to allow them to exist unobstructed. It’s an uncluttered approach that I think, requires dedication and belief in the ear of the listener to understand the artists’ intent. Regardless, sonically, Greyghost is nailing the head of my ambient musical sweet spot, right between spacy, and somber. Sounds like the heartbreak of an abandoned spacecraft.

Pro printed and duplicated edition of 100, digital download included. As with everything from Constellation Tatsu, I’m highly impressed with the attention to detail, and the pricing. I grabbed as a part of the January batch for an absolutely bananas price.

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