Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bones of Seabirds - Hidden Places

I’d like to fool you and pretend I’ve been in on tapes since the beginning of the current revival. But if I'm honest, and I’m sure if we’re all honest, each of us had a moment where we thought, “Wait, people are putting out tapes now?” I’ll readily admit that mine came following an MP3 clip from Hidden Places, by Bones of Seabirds back in 2009. And after lamenting my lack of functioning cassette deck, and slack-jawed disbelief that an edition of 100 tapes could actually sell out (imagine my ignorance at the time), I’ve been on the hunt for a physical edition ever since. I have no idea how little #38 here escaped someone else’s dusty shelf, but I’m glad it’s on mine. Scraped, raw synth melody, following an avian trajectory across oceans of melody, followed by slow descent into deep waters of echoing cavernous rumble. Wonderful and lengthy progression of ideas from front to back. The sounds truly do seem to reference the project moniker. A single listen reminded my why these sounds appealed to me so much initially, and after digesting hundreds of other tape releases, still sound just as original as they did.

Out of print edition of 100, mine came with the Obi strip still sealed and intact. Tomentosa currently has (for now) this release, along with a pretty massive stock of other in and out of print titles from the incredible Peasant Magik. I also highly recommend the self-titled ascendant morass of guitar drone from Plante which is available as well. Move quick people.

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