Saturday, February 2, 2013

Myrrh - S/T

Self titled re-release of roaring, open throated guitar and viola from Myrrh on Soft Abuse. Classifiable firmly in the sludge genre, these eight tracks would feel just as comfortable sitting on a shelf filed with your drone records. Heavy cyclical grooves, thick suffocating production, and then that guitar tone... oh... man.. that tone. The lead guitar has to be the most insanely filthy, disgusting, down in the mud, up on the mountain top guitar tone I've ever heard. The kind of tone that makes you stop what you're doing, turn around and stare at your speakers. No pretension, no nonsense, not a single lyric about thundering hooves, or lizard kings, just heavy, heavy tonic.

Stellar physical product. Fold out poster of what looks like an old lady snake charmer, art print, digital download included. Grabbed my copy from Discriminate.

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