Saturday, January 26, 2013

Angelo Harmsworth - Pomp

Pomp from Angelo Harmsworth is a cassette both tremendously sad, and simultaneously joyous. Guitar, glitch, electronics, made to suffer beneath a thick layer of fuzz and overdriven distortion. But never to their detriment. Always adding that bit of decay that makes even the most optimistic moment of music heartbreaking and melancholy. I discovered the music of Harmsworth through the recent, Silent Orgasm release on Bathetic, which immediately spurred a shopping spree through to this 2012 release on Holy Page. Six tracks, aching, crushed, wonderfully gritty, and painfully presented with what feels like no reservation. Sounds like creativity left to happen.

Orange tapes with blue spray paint labels, printed on a shiny pearl stock, sealed with a small wrap around something-or-other. Grab via the Holy Page Bandcamp in either digital or physical.

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