Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kassel Jaeger - Deltas

Seamless amalgamation of manipulated field recordings and sustained drones from Kassel Jaeger with Deltas on Editions Mego. Per the label description, the sound contained is "...Derived and processed from stones recordings..." and the third track, "...electromagnetic capture of meteorite resonances..." Beautiful juxtapositions of sound manipulations (which I assume to be movements of various geologic matter) against a delicate and precise blanket of electronics. Not the overwhelming blanket of sounds that can occur in the realm of Musique Concrète, each element of the mix is left to feel open and solitary, allowing careful consideration of each, or enjoyment as a whole. Proof that you don't have to understand something for it sound damn interesting.

Worth noting that the pressing from D&M sounds perfectly pitch black as you would expect. Poly lined sleeves, digital download included, 2012 release, still available from Mimaroglu.

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