Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jungle Heart - Burn Dem

Some recordings are made on their production. Not necessarily in the traditional sense, but by the way in which the captured sounds are translated to tape and become a part of the music itself. Burn Dem, from Jungle Hearts, on Cae-Sur-A, is mangled, suffocating, study in just that effect. Droning, cyclical, hypnotics that are just absolutely strangled in gritty mid range production. It captures the energy of what feels like live, straight to tape improv, and pulls you into each of the side long tracks as if you're sitting right there in the moment. The music itself is captivating. Moments of sparse, almost noise compositions, that slowly build into emotional highs. It took a pair of listens to digest what I think is going on here, and it's through that process that I began to appreciate that without the sound of the recording it wouldn't be the same recording. Killer.

Hand numbered edition of 100 on yellow shells. Grab direct from Cae-Sur-A.

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