Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rainbow Valley / Wind In WIllows - Split

This is the one. Pure, and ultimate space worship. Split release from the mighty Chemical Tapes featuring Rainbow Valley and Wind In Willows. Four tracks, two per artist of completely awesome constellation gazing soundtrackery. The front half from Rainbow Valley offers gradually building layers of melody, with timbres that are stunningly piercing and beautiful, things shifting from uplifting spiritual moments, to bits of sinister undertone just beneath the surface. The flip, from Wind In Willows takes a glassy miasma of opaque tones and subtle shifts, twisting twirling like a wormhole offering entrance to an unknown galaxy. Warped textural drones. Sounds like the alien abduction you dreamed about when you were twelve.

Edition of 75, mine came compliments of the excellent Tomentosa, also available to stream in full and grab over at the Chemical Tapes Bandcamp.

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