Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Giulio Aldinucci - Archipelago

Thoughtfully constructed and deeply hypnotic textures from Giulio Aldinucci, with Archipelago on Other Electricities. Each and every so often I come across a recording that sounds, without being too pretentious about things, to be a series of overwhelmingly satisfying somethings, that to me sound to be made of little to nothings. In short, a lot from a little. Vague and indescribable instrumentation that taken separately could be easily missed. Somewhere in between ambience and musique concrete, but not quite either, and better for it. And with all that said, it shouldn't be assumed that there isn't something fantastically musical going on here. Quite the opposite, massive richly detailed melodic movements that paint a gentle visual for the ears. A piece of art that seems as concerned with what your mind might see, as what your ears will hear. Truly enamored on this one.

Edition of 100, pro dubbed, hand printed cardboard wrap around case. Digital download included. Grab direct from Other Electricities.

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