Sunday, April 14, 2013

Owlfood - Destroyers Of The Moon

Sombre, slow motion desert rock ambience from Owlfood, with Destroyers of The Moon on Behind The Door. The Boston, MA based three piece, along with a considerable supporting cast, present seven tracks of aching, patient, guitar, vocal, harmonium, and strings. Stylistically, we're talking somewhere in between the plodding doom reveries of Earth, and the patient stringed ambience of From The Mouth Of The Sun. Deep vocals, in a combination whisper/growl from front man Thommy Saraceno that, to me, almost feel as much like an additional instrument in the mix, as they do a verbal narrative. Perhaps the most definitive compositional choice is the album's lack of percussion. Without a traditional rhythmic "anchor" each track weaves into and out of consciousness effortlessly. Like ascent and descent into and out of the mind. I found myself in moments of deep concentration, examining each element, and then off in a daydream consuming the sound as an emotional whole. A stellar example of crossing the oft deeply incongruous ambient metal boundaries stealing the best from both.

Limited edition of just 250, with only 100 on this killer looking silver vinyl. Printed liner notes and digital download included. Grab direct from the band at the Owlfood Store.


  1. What Pro-Ject table are you rockin there? Looks beautiful with that white platter.

  2. Thanks Crawf!

    I run the basic Debut III in piano black, with the upgraded Acrylic-it platter. I see they make a clear glass platter which would be completely banannas, but Sumiko doesn't import it to the states.

    I'm also running the pre-box, two amp-box mono's, switch-box, speed-box, and head-box to round out the Pro-Ject addiction.

  3. so sick... I just have an Essential in Red (standard black platter). But I put a pretty rad cartridge on it (Ortofon 2M Blue)and I am thinking about putting a speed box on it. Spent more lately upgrading my speakers and amp.