Thursday, May 2, 2013

Konntinent - Closer Came The Light

Beautiful, complex, ambience from Konntinent with Closer Came The Light on Home Normal. Rich, precise, crystal clear and extremely melodic. A mixture of elements that travel far outside the assumed boundaries of similar ambient work. Unusual timbres, bits of guitar, and without the inclusion of a dominant percussive element, it somehow finds a way to feel up tempo and fast paced. Each track has a knack of finding melodic ground that seems accessible, and sorrowful, and twists it slightly to shade the edges with just a bit of strangeness. The final track, Sorority Syntax showcases everything this album has to offer, a touching simplistic synth riff that flies above the mix, then descends into a grinding noisy miasma, coming out the other side reformed as introspective drone. I spun this one back to back on nine hour drive and found not a single misstep. Masterfully produced and paced. (I also read that this album was largely improvised… which makes the quality even harder to comprehend.)

A staggeringly large edition of 1750, a portion of which contain a second 2 track bonus disc which is completely worthwhile. You can grab, as I did, on sale for $10 from Experimedia.

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