Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cremator - Alpha Ralpha Boulevard

Another in an increasingly fantastic run of experimental synth on Field Hymns, Alpha Ralpha Boulevard from Cremator is an ultra smooth dose of planetarium nightmares. Something about this sounds just intoxicatingly, profoundly lonely. Two long form synth sequences that pulse with rich, detailed timbres, and alternate between poles of high intensity, and mellow introspection. Everything has this clean, highly digestable sound, that feels low on double digit polyphony, and high on knife edge precision. What really stands out to me here, is the way in which these two lyric less tracks felt like they told me a story throughout. Something about a narrow escape from evil robot sentries in a hellish cyberpunk futurescape. Menacing, beautiful, killer stuff.

As always, super slick ultra pro look and feel from Dylan at Field Hymns. Edition of 100, pro dubbed and printed, download included. Acquire.

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