Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sean Patrick Sullivan - Devil Knows: Selected Demos

The second (see above for the first), in this two part update on Juniper Tree Songs comes in the form of Devil Knows: Selected Demos, from Sean Patrick Sullivan. About a billion tracks of sad, silly, optimistic, romantic, sorrowful pop and ambience. Suggesting that the "demo" reference in the title is apt, and not just a naming convention, these 24 tracks are absolutely all over the place. And that's in the best possible way. Noisy ambience that gives way to pained pop tracks, some sung by Sullivan, and a few with female vocals. Jangling bright as hell guitar production, played with urgency, that gives way to starkly differentiated tender moments. Is this a blues shoegaze tape? Maybe. The standout track of the bunch closes the first half, The Devil Knows combines heavy blown out production on keys with a miserably plaintive echoing delivery from Sullivan.

Grab this one direct from JTS along with a bunch of other sweet, noisy fare.

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