Saturday, October 26, 2013

Shivering Window - Dare To Be Nothing

Heads up on pair (see below for the other) of effortlessly authentic spools of lo-fideltiy outsider pop from California based Juniper Tree Songs.

The first, Dare To Be Nothing, from Shivering Window continues in the established theme of damaged, manic depressive romanticism. Soundtracking the essential teenage obsession flick. Things feel a bit more mature and patient than the last time I checked in on this act. The narrative remains similarly creeped out, but the jams feel evolved, less frantic. The lead single Video Store Girl absolutely rings with early 90's suburban american vibes that strike right to the core of my former 16 year old self. Crisp, punchy drum patterns, fuzzy vocal production, loads of hiss and audial dirt. Within all that, delicate, catchy hooks delivered in a (relatively) clean guitar tone. These tracks feel honest, almost confessional. Sounds like what tapes are all about.

I absolutely love the design aesthetic on this one. No stated edition size, silver printing on blue. Pro dubbed and printed. Grab direct from Juniper Tree Songs.

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