Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lenta - Horizont

Bucolic landscapes and ambience from Lenta with Horizont on Sunshine LTD. Field recordings of grassy footfall, gentle breezes, and wandering rivers (at least I picture them wandering) that remain for the most part suggestive of a scene or emotion, but not descriptive. Meandering lines of melody that twist and refract, sometimes soft, at others blindly bright. Sparse guitar brought directly to the front of the mix, played with beautiful restraint, guiding the listener effortlessly though something that feels nostalgic, and still extremely palpable. There are individual tracks here, but presented in such a way that each seems to flow without resistance into the next. Wonderful.

Edition of 50 hand numbered copies wrapped in a beautiful letterpress cardboard sleeve. Digital download included. Grab directly from Sunshine.

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