Sunday, October 13, 2013

DSR Lines - Venndiagram

Pristine and transportive modular synth from DSR Lines with Venndiagram on Ghent based Smeltkop. This is the crystalline space transport worshipers of the planetarium soundtrack endlessly seek. Satisfying in a way only beautifully melodic modular work can be. Simultaneously confident and comforting. Purposefully chosen attack and release points announce each arpeggiated note with effortless emotion, and syncopate each with satisfying precision. Patterns emerge, both dramatic and complex, and, the benefit of the composition, also delicate and fragile. The final track of the opening half, Mezereum MK, offers a blindingly bright winding line of synth played across an undulating wave of melody. Sounds like the kindred planet our alien masters hope to find as they flee a collapsing society.

Edition of just 60. White text on clear red shells. Brilliant black and white jcard with neon orange spine. First rate all around and available directly from Smeltkop.

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