Sunday, October 13, 2013

Phemale - Everything's Haunted

Sometimes I think everything is duplicative and safe, this is absolutely not. Everything's Haunted from Phemale, on the wonderfully intense Elm Recordings, will expand and collapse your preconceptions. Fearlessly strange collage and abstract found sound. Drugged addled deconstructed beats, swallowing and wallowing in pitch shifted effects. A piercing saxophone sample juxtaposed against a hazy female vocal repeating the phrase "deeper and darker". Loops, decontextualized and reapplied in startling ways. Church bells, heavy breathing, circular baselines, how in the world does this work together... but it does, and then side ends with the artist breaking the fourth wall to invite the listener to flip the tape, and then offering his love. The courage of the artist to produce something that feels this raw and hand stitched demonstrates immense faith in the the listener to experiment and expand. So let's do that.

Hand numbered edition of 75, jcards that look like photocopies of demonic college ruled doodles. Grab directly from Elm Recordings.

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