Sunday, October 6, 2013

Akrotiri Poacher - Seminary

Suffocating, blindingly dense rituals from Akrotiri Poacher, with Seminary, on Prairie Fire Tapes. A howling haze of guitar, crushed in the weight of disgustingly bleak, minimally accessable low fidelity. As the surrounding whirlwind is swept aside, layers of gorgeous synth are revealed before surrendering to sparse, hypnotic machinery. The flip offers a similar echoing, heavily blanketed palate of tones, but tempers the experience with a startling emotive selection of massively reverberating, jaw droppingly gorgeous chanting. The entire piece resides in a space where by limiting the sonic range, the listener strains through a fog of mid range to seek elements just beyond their reach. Rarely do I find a drone tape with the savvy to draw the listener closer by providing so little initially, and yet offers so much depth upon studied interpretation. Anyway, I'm rambling and using more adjectives that even I usually do, but I'm trying to get across just how much of a religious experience this tapes is. I continue to hesitate offering the terms "highly recommended", or the more oft overused, "essential", but indeed this is that. Exceptional.

Rad art and signature ultra clean Prairie Fire aesthetic. Edition of just 40, I grabbed mine from Experimedia, but you can also find it direct from the label.

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