Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oxykitten - Escape From New Amsterdam

Have I posted about all the Oxykitten tapes? Almost, this makes 4 of 6. And of course the reason for that is the complete sickness of everything that has to do with this project. Aesthetic perfection, the way the art, sound, and concept work in complete synchronicity. The latest Escape from New Amsterdam on Field Hymns, is hands down the best yet, with a much more complex and robust sound. All that low-fi Genesis sleeze is intact, but the variety of sonic elements is richer than ever before. Razor sharp hissing bass lines that curl around each and every track like the crooked smile of a stimpatch dealer lurking in the streetlight outside the pleasure dome. The arpegiated melodies that pop and crackle with neon intensity. Ripping, head-nodding, swagger and I swear, there might even be something that sounds like a ballad to close this one out. The curation of sounds here is incredible, each and every one a simultaneous nod to cyberpunk futures and dusty black cartridges with video rental stickers torn off.

Edition of 100 hand numbered copies, each with digital download included, pro on every level, design, imprinting, duplication. Make it happen over at Field Hymns.

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