Sunday, September 29, 2013

Holly Waxwing - Goldleaf Acrobatics

Audio travel brochures for the genetically perfected versions of our future selves from Holly Waxwing, with Goldleaf Acrobatics, on the brand new, Noumenal Loom. Breezy Pan Am sonics melded with lush soul acoustics, just indescribably cool. Retro futurist to be certain. Pitch shifted vocals that cross reference the avant garde of modern hip hop while bathing in the glow of crackling after hours AM radio funk. Sort of like Morris Day And The Time played at 45 RPM. The mix of styles and instrumentation is so well done it's near impossible to tell if part(s) of this are samples, and if so, where those begin, and the original work begins. Is this a patchwork of samples? is this live instrumentation? Like pretty much all tapes, it's best not to consider that, and just lay back and take this flight to wherever it's headed.

Edition of 75, double sided full color inserts and labels, digital download included. Grab along with the rest of the initial three tape batch direct from Noumenal Loom.

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