Saturday, September 21, 2013

Horror Fiction Tapes

Been a bit quiet on the ranch of late, but I assure you, not without activity behind the scenes. I'm beyond excited to finally announce the launch of the in house label here at GMLT, Horror Fiction Tapes. Two releases in the first edition. Both featuring the absolute best in self released submissions I've been fortunate enough feature here, Ontario Canada's, Beard Closet, and Vancouver's Kroykah who I've featured twice under the moniker Red Dwarf Star. These are total head trips, both of which completely out do what I've featured before. Beard Closet absolutely rips, and Kroykah is just spooky and fractured as can be.

Editions of just 35. Had these pro dubbed by NAC on white, and hand stamped. Inserts are individually printed on pages from old paperbacks. Each one is truly a one of a kind individual labor of love. Incredible sounds featuring two of my absolute favorites. Come check this out right here.

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