Saturday, November 24, 2012

Beard Closet - Latin

Obscure ritual drone from Beard Closet, with the self released Latin. A really open sense of exploration pervades both side long tracks that wind their way through filthy doom-ish guitar and female vocal. I get a simultaneously ethereal and somewhat sinister vibe from both sides of the two track release. The front, driven by an excellently delivered aforementioned female vocal imparts a bit of forest worship, while the flip balances droning synth with a more aggressive blackend guitar tone (not playing in a particularly blackened style, mind). It's a well delivered sense of uncertainty, achieved by the inclusion of disparate elements that obscure the exact intent, and grants the listener space for interpretation. Droning sweetness.

Not exactly sure how many of these have/will be produced, as it's a self release. Black shell tapes, my copy included a dried leaf of white sage for releasing negative energy. Physical copies can be ordered by emailing the artist, Phil Hamilton at backwoodsbrutality at live dot com, or check the Beard Closet Bandcamp for immediate gratification.

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