Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cankun - Idle

Moonbeam saturated dreamstate tropicalia, courtesy of Cankun, with Idle on Constellation Tatsu. Gorgeous shimmering guitar, echoing with richness, and grounded with danceable percussion. This isn't the loose, jangling production you may expect of the genre, rather an immediate, dare I say, almost danceable sound. But we won't quite do that. No. These are not the sounds of an existence lived in that moment, but rather just outside of it. Perhaps for the moments spent in search of that elusive sound reverberating from another realm. Six tracks that exhude a feeling of authentic enjoyment of the environment they create and the search they might inspire. Soundtracking the Carribean nightclub that exists in your dreams.

Pro dubbed and printed, with a subtle white design on tan shells. Act with quickness to grab direct what few copies remain at the essential Constellation Tatsu.

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