Monday, November 19, 2012

Bus Gas - Train Out

So I’ve been hoping for a new Bus Gas tape since their 2011 release Six Movements In Four Hours, on Sweat Lodge Guru. Well, thanks to the exceptional Sic Sic Tapes, I just now happen to have their latest, Train Out on its second play in the Nak 600. Rusty, homespun, honestly melancholic, looping ambience. Maybe it has something to do with my awareness of the Midwestern origins of the project, but I can’t help but perceive a windswept rural road and endless flatland vistas. Two side long pieces, the first slow creeping breezes, the second pulsating, muddy, guitar plucked desolation, and both exceptionally melodic. It seems like a logical question would be, can a person have too much incredible ambient music arrive at their home, to which the answer is, absolutely not. Sounds like a tumbleweed stuck on a wire fence at the edge of town.

Unfortunately, it seems like by the time tapes make their pilgrimage across the Atlantic, the stuff from Sic Sic is so hot it’s already gone from the source before I can post it, which is exactly the case here. Best bet at this point is a quick scan of the distro links here.

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