Saturday, November 17, 2012

Calypso Borealis - Esuk Utan

Exceptionally subdued meditation assistance from Calypso Borealis, with Esuk Utan on Rocket Machine Tapes. Four hypnotic, and tremendously effective tracks that will completely flatline your brainwaves. Delicate waves of droning melody, creating a field of sound with such massive width it occupies the entirity of your listening capacity. Each piece seems to use a bit of disjointed noise to ground the composition while alternating tonal elements bend into and out of consciousness. The opener of side B, Pita More, enters a loop of cyclical melody so texturally vivid I felt just about paralyzed at one point. With careful listening these are sounds that will melt your head into the floor.

Pro printed edition of just fifty. Originally grabbed via distro at Discriminate (now sold out), can be picked up on a pretty killer two for one deal right now at Rocket Machine Tapes.

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