Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ant'lrd - Extra Domicile

Dense, glimmering fragments from Ant'lrd, with Extra Domicile on Baro Records. Delicate flicker and distortion, like rays of sunshine causing lens flare within the ear. Indiscernible instrumentation that walks that line of might-be-guitar-might-be-synth quite nicely. It all sounds wonderfully spontaneous with what appear to be carefully included bits of of noise culled from the production. You can sense both the sounds, and the creation of the sounds. An inclusive style of recording that brings the listener closer to the recording. The second half of tape is essential (as much as I hate the descriptor), a magnificent evolution from a trail of limited barely there sonics in to a massive undulating wave of melody. A bit gritty and droned out before closing in a haze of found sound and acoustic guitar. Summer days staring up at the celling fan in the three season room.

Blue shells, double sided jcard, edition of 100, full color liner notes. Mine included a sweet little sticker that currently occupies space confusing the hell out of the general population tacked to the cork board of my cubicle. Check out all things Baro here, and stream in full and purchase at the Baro Records Bandcamp

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