Thursday, August 15, 2013

Merx - Twenty Sq Ft

Twisted up surf era guitar tuning, industrial percussion, and vocals that sound like a more sinister Eskil Simonsson. This is completely off the wall, and I love it for that. Merx presents nine tracks of some of the strangest and most exceptional post punk lounge, with Twenty Sq Ft on Copenhagen's Skrot Up. The front half of the tape is fuel by dark desperate crooning, like the pop influenced slow deterioration of the mind, which gives way on the flip to increasingly noisy and instrumental freak out material. Thick confident beats, echoing macabre vocals, pop song structure. This is fearlessly anti-culture, in a way the early 90's industrial scene was, and well structured and produced in a fashion far beyond a release numbering less that 100 copies has a right to be.

Hand numbered, double sided edition of 60 printed on a nice beefy cardstock. Stream and purchase at the release Bandcamp, and check out all things Skrot Up right here.

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