Sunday, August 18, 2013

Invisible Path - Cloud Variations

This, second release, in a two part update (see above for the first) covering the new batch from ((cave)) Recordings is quintessential headphone meditation from Invisible Path, with Cloud Variations. Indeed, these are slow, swirling formations of atmospheric mass. Occasionally light, with delicate plucked strings looped and manipulated against the smeared echoes of a distant gong. Other times, heavy, even tumultuous mountains of reverberating bass arpeggio tempered against the muted scream of guitar feedback. In juxtaposition to the sparse, cavernous first half, for me, the centerpiece of the tape is on the flip, particularly the closer . Gently compressed shimmering melody emerges and evolves, growing in depth and density, roughly blocking out everything that came before. Sounds like a buddhist dream of the wind that gently sways the prayer flag.

Edition of 50, double sided jcard, with black and white tape labels. Grab the physical direct along with the rest of the incredible new four tape batch from the ((cave)) store.

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