Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dozens - Born Waiting

Heads up on pair (see below for the other) of essential tapes from San Mateo, California based ((cave)) Recordings.

A strange, confusing journey from Dozens, with Born Waiting. Eerie, mechanical, miniature narratives. Noisy, but not noise. Industrial, but not made of industry or the harshness one would associate. Looped, evolutionary movements that feel improvised and alive. Perhaps the remnants of artificial intelligence in the future ruins of an automaton society. The selection of timbres on display here is just absolute perfection. No where more effectively than the back half which pulls apart the curtain of noise, and opens up into a clean, delicate field of melody. Soft multifaceted whips of synth that glide back and forth, almost closing the tape before being taken up in a brief arpeggiated miniature.

Edition of 50 professionally duplicated c-25's. Nice collage work, and I'm particularly struck by the juxtaposition of full color j-cards and b/w shell labels. Not sure if that's a design choice or printing limitation, but it looks gritty, DIY, and completely slays. Grab direct from ((cave)).

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