Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Leopold / Hecia - Split

Split release from Birkhouse Recordings (a label doing all split releases I should mention). On the front side, Leopold presents delicate, challenging glitched dance music. Conflicting patterns of ambience, not themselves displeasing, but not quite understood, that is until coming to life brilliantly as layers of smooth House rhythm are added to the mix and then reshuffled. Everything here is beautifully presented, nothing overdone. Simple, effective percussion choices, soft, lush and wonderfully interwoven melodic timbres, bits of female vocal that compliment without overwhelming the sound. Lay back and groove, this one is just an absolute blast.

On the flip, Hecia presents a single multifaceted track of ambient introspection. Something like a prehistoric sonar signal. Echoing repeated elements, that reach out into the soundscape, seeming to seek a response in return. Undulating, drifting headphone sonics. Massive glacial pieces that sounds like a conversation between ancient beings.

Not sure what the edition size is on this, but it looks and feels nice, and can be grabbed here. Stream and purchase the digital at the release Bandcamp page, and of course seek out other splits from Birkhouse in this interesting collaborative release project.

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