Thursday, August 1, 2013

Christopher Merritt - Imaginary Colors

Daydream schizophrenia from Christopher Merritt, with Imaginary Colors on Orange Milk Records. Conflicting, overlapping, and heck, overwhelming sonic collisions. Vivid bubbling melodies sliced and skewered with barbs of broken rhythm and cracked bit of mismatched synth. Nothing here seems off limits or too far out of the box. What really floors me is the control of these elements. The palette of sounds is so immense, and still within that, melodies that if you really work for them, are absolutely heart rending. It's this sort of obscuring of the enjoyable that makes what goes on in tape land so much fun, and this is about as good as that gets. Sounds like crying your eyes out watching a deteriorating VHS tape of a fireworks show.

Not exactly sure what the edition size is here, but I'm willing to bet it's not more than the standard 100. Regardless, pro dubbed, pro printed and double sided. Grab direct from Orange Milk, or stream it first in full at the label Bandcamp.

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