Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Good Stuff House - Untitled

4am melancholy from the Good Stuff House trio of Scott Tuma, Mike Weis, and Matt Christensen, with a rerelease of untitled work from 2006, on Holodeck Records. These expansive odes to the night sky and high country desert originally appeared on the venerable Time Lag on CD-R, and have now taken shape in both LP and Cassette form. And being that this is most frequently a blog about tapes, that's the format we're talking about here. Massive rambling formations, marrying various strings, both picked and drawn, with soft delicate vocal, inside a whispering breeze of drone. Some of this feels eerie, others parts pensive and remorseful, and yet others, full of humble appreciation. In other words, the best of drone atmosphere colliding right between the L & R on your Grados. A heck of a lot has gone on in the lifespan of drone music in that last seven years of web based micro labels, but based on my first experience with this material, it stands as impressive and fresh as anything that's happened since.

Typically superb presentation from Holodeck. Edition of 200, produbbed and imprinted, digital download included, along with an honest to goodness five panel catalogue of summer releases just like labels used to do. Anyway, grab this one up direct from the label.

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