Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mystery Box(s) Freebie!

I love a good mystery. Up for grabs are two mystery boxes, each containing ten tapes a piece. Tons of awesome tunes from the best labels around, stuff I feature here regularly. Thanks to every person reading what I (attempt) to write, and for supporting the phenominal artists, labels, and distros putting so much effort and beauty into the world. Take a moment, scan the links on the right, go visit a label and buy a batch, visit a distro and order some tapes, go leave a message on a blog post. Support where you can, it's up to us to keep physical media in the world.

If you have interest in grabbing a mystery box, hit me with an email at guidemelittletape at gmail dot com and it's yours, no catch, first come first serve. I'll update here as quickly as I can when these are gone. Both boxes gone as of 7/28 to Ian from Cheshire and Cir from Rome. Enjoy!


  1. simply great blog! Greetings from Chile. Saludos

  2. Thanks! I sent you some tapes in return - feel free to send them on to others though.