Sunday, June 23, 2013

Insect Ark - Long Arms

Creeping, morose, soul searching from the one woman Insect Arms project of Dana Schechter with Long Arms, on Geweih Ritual Documents. Heavy..., emotionally, not in terms of instrumentation. Three tracks that just pull and drag at your feet, clawing at you to be absorbed fully inside their blackness. Aching percussion, extended yawning strings that bellow and seeth. From gentrification perspective, we're talking something between the astral drones of the midwestern tape scene, and the dank cellar dwelling of european dark ambience. But really, this one is it's own thing. It has a tangible, personal, nature. Something you can connect with an feel like it was your own. And great records do that. They make you examine your own emotion reflected back and you. Like a daydream of a midnight stretch of highway in rural northern New Mexico. Get lost and never come back, they won't miss you, you won't miss them.

As always Bradley from Geweih delivers the physical manifestation as a living breathing hand crafted extension of the sonic experience. 10" black vinyl housed in a three color screen printed fold around jacket (keeps the record from slipping out, and looks dynamite). Digital download included, by way of a matching and fully printed CD, which if you ask me, is the most top shelf way to do a digital version I've seen from a small label. The whole package is just absolutely precise and professional. Grab this beauty direct from GRD, either at the label, or over on Bandcamp.

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