Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gonzo - Dies Irae

Strange and captivating sound collage and mixed ambience from Gonzo, with Dies Irae on Discrepant. Creepy promotional cult sound bites and evangelical prosthelytizing staggering around in a pool of gloomy atmosphere and warbling church organs. It's a wonderfully well integrated tape, that makes it hard to determine where the found sounds end, and original work begins. The musical accompaniment was so thematically consistent, I was never quite sure if the music backing the dialouge was a separate composition, or part of the original sound source. At times, this feels like a homage to the fanatical dedication of the source material, at others a lighthearted lampoon. Hard to tell which, but without reservation, some of the most impressive depth I've heard in collage work in ages. Were the music to stand alone, we'd be talking about a gripping release of dark ambient, as it is, it sounds like being drugged and duct taped inside a duffel bag in the back of a van on a cross country trip with Jim Jones.

Edition of 33, and heck I've got one, so that's down to just 32 at the most. Blue tape with no label, high gloss single side jcard. Grab from Discrepant.

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