Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Afteroomed - Tall Grass

So there is this podcast about tapes which you have of course heard of and follow, called Tabs Out. And of course you also know that you can sponsor said podcast and get exclusive stuff. Kind of a subscription model, which I think is, well, incredibly freaking awesome. Tall Grass is the first release in that donation "subscription". Rumbling droney synthish noise from Afteroomed, the five person team of Michael Chau, Dave Doyen, Mike Haley, Ryan Mcgill, and Franklin Teagle. A single track that transitions from side to side with a harsh stop, but never loses momentum. Undulating frequencies and plenty of bleeps, blurps, and of course squiggly things (I love squiggly things) come and go. I'd classify the sound firmly in the menacing but exploratory category. Killer.

Edition of just 19, one for each chrome sponsor, housed in a wooden box closed with a clasp and personalized with the handwritten name of the sponsor. Listen to the Tabs Out Podcast, support weird noise with a Chrome Donation, get cool things showing up in your mail box. The opportunity for this one is passed, but future releases are on the way for chrome donations.

Afteroomed "Tall Grass" C22 sample (Tabs Out #1) by Tabs Out on Mixcloud

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