Sunday, June 16, 2013

riot_meadows - [NATURAL_CIRCUITRY]

Long form drone, mechanized, complex, and alive from riot_meadows, with [NATURAL_CIRCUITRY] on Twin Springs Tapes. The riot_meadows project has been on my radar for a bit now, releasing mostly digitally. This to my knowledge is the first physical manifestation. Compositions that feel organic in their automation, an almost throwback approach to electronic ambience. Galactic space transmission, like it used to be in my formative years listening to experimental "headphone music". Heavy washes of texture, massive sweeping pans, dense tearing melody. It's an easy release to lose yourself in, returning back to focus to another sound and atmosphere entirely. Then again, for those able to control their focus, upon a second listen an astonishing variety of elements exist within the c40. Drones that revolve and submerged themselves into the mix, resurfacing to another form entirely. Transportive.

Edition of 50 home dubbed beauties. Grab and/or stream in full via the Twin Springs Bandcamp.

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