Saturday, June 15, 2013

Glochids - Originals

Captivating, eccentric miniatures from Glochids, with Originals on Weird Ear Recordings. Eighteen tracks of primarily what could be called field recordings (I think), ranging from whimsical and curious to difficult and challenging. Found and manipulated sounds, raw acoustics, meditative bells, tense ambient textures, nothing seems confined by boundaries, but purposefully designed to conflict and confound. A wonderful sense of discovery pervades the journey from front to back. I'm always pleased to hear a recording that seems unconcerned with what preconceptions and desires the listener may have. Compositions that don't explain themselves, which this certainly doesn't. The standout tracks here are those in the vein of March W Renee Paper bag, which sounds like about four takes of guitar and vocal busking, recorded in an airport, put to tape and then deteriorated. Strange, strange,...

Available in both LP and cassette format. The tape edition comes printed on transparent paper in a hand number batch of 80. Grab direct from Weird Ear.

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