Monday, June 10, 2013

Jon Collin - The Great Stink

Transcendental exhibition of guitar work from Jon Collin, with The Great Stink, on Eiderdown Records. Strikingly diverse, the four track c39 sounds like the work of four unique artists as opposed on one. Brief mumbles of conversation, passing traffic, and deftly played steel guitar give way to glowing, oversaturated soaring tones, before plunging headlong into ferocious howling wide open riffage. Manic, chaotic, disconcerting. The flip of the tape, a single side long track entitled, Furniture Makers Medley, is an all encompassing voyage of found sound (I assume the sound of folks making furniture), delicate acoustic strumming, overdriven sky tearing guitar shred, and a weird soup of groaning stringed instrumentation. Just simply outstanding.

Proprinted tapes and inserts, both on black. Grab direct from the mighty Eiderdown.

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