Friday, June 7, 2013

Former Selves / The Original Flowering Earth - Split

Bittersweet blissful split release from Former Selves and The Original Flower Earth compliments of Planted Tapes. Serene dreamscapes all around on this one. Glassy ambient shimmer from Paul Skomsvold's Former Selves project on the front half. Three tracks that freely blend melodic layers and timbres with effortless grace. It's an experience, as all Skomsvold's tracks are, that I always find difficult to describe, but once heard, immediately feel, and understand. And always somehow I feel a bit of sorrow and I'm never sure why. On the flip, The Original Flowering Earth twist and drag us through soft, melodic, and sometimes noisy swirls of nostalgic samples, hazy guitar, and lush ambience. An almost soundtrack like quality. Distant, mysterious, soothing, like a favorite childhood storybook. Sounds like sepia tones, dusty cobweb strewn attics, old picture books and memories. Wonderfully cohesive split. Killer.

Double sided jcard, edition of 70 on emerald green with hand transfered vinyl labels. Grab direct from Planted Tapes.

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