Friday, June 7, 2013

Lee Noble - Ruiner

You know what this is. I'm guessing you don't need me to tell you either. But of course I will. New (relatively) Bathetic vinyl, and it happens to be Ruiner, the anticipated Lee Noble follow up to 2011's Horrorism. Sad, beautiful, damaged pop noise. The direction of the record is exceptional. Everything I like about Noble's work, the grit, the delicacy of the soundscape, the vulnerability of the vocal. At times, a less obtuse and more accessable sound and structure emerge. Pieces that seem to tempt your innate desire for pop song structure, but never fully succumb to that temptation. Always challenging, always obscuring. It's an evolutionary and differentiated record, but done without sacrificing the comfortable, honest feel of his prior work. Melancholy and joyous all together, this is a massive record that will wear you out emotionally.

Black vinyl, neon orange liner insert, simple and clean. Grab a copy, as I did from the excellent Tomentosa, or directly via Bathetic.

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