Monday, May 27, 2013

Uske Orchestra - Homéotape

This may be the coolest, slickest little piece of electro funk experimentation on earth. Bleeps and bloops from Uske Orchestra, with Homéotape on Sonig. Hilariously fun pieces of electronics, precise tiny little bits chattering away, becoming something supremely engaging. Layers upon layers of whimsical swirling chaos. And within that chaos, quite a monumental level of songcraft. While things always feel just about to go out of control, they never do. Always a sense of rhythm and direction is maintained. I've really never heard anything like it. This is instantly one of the most treasured pieces of music in my collection. Fun, challenging, just outstanding.

The first cassette release on Sonig, and an absolute work of art it is. Individually hand painted jcards featuring an immense amount of detail, hand painted and drawn shells to boot. Check out images of these beauties here. Limited to just 58 copies. I grabbed via Discriminate, who appears to be sold out... still available directly from the label.

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